Village Bakery and Cafe

A list of our more popular breads.

We also custom make breads for our wholesale customers upon request.

For any wholesale related questions please email us at

12 Grain 1.5LB

12 Grain 3LB

Asiago Cheese 1.75LB

Baguette - French 22"

Baguette (softer for sandwiches) 22" (12oz)

Bakery Bun 6oz

Black Russian 2LB

Brioche 4oz

Brioche - Loaf 2.5LB

Challah 1.75LB

Ciabatta 2.5LB

Focaccia 3LB

Italian Sesame 2LB

Olive 1.5LB

Raisin Walnut 2LB

Rosemary 2LB

Rustic 2LB

Rye 2LB

Sourdough 1.5LB

Sourdough - Pullman loaf 3LB

Whole Wheat 2LB

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Village Bakery and Cafe